Lead Flashings

Here at The Roof Doctor we can provide a selection of lead flashing in all lead codes, 3 metre or 6 metre rolls and a choice of widths. Our lead flashing is milled in the UK to BS EN 12588:2006 standard. We offer special rates for bulk orders of milled lead. We can also offer competitive deals on fixings, lead roofing slates, sealants and treatments, plus innovative lead alternative products.

Do you need help with which type of roofing lead you need?
If you need some assistance or are unsure of which lead code you require, give our friendly customer service team a call on 0113 2635385.

midland lead

The Roof Doctor is proud to have had a long working partnership with Midland Lead. With over 30 years in lead manufacturing, Midland Lead offer machine cast lead, sandcast lead and rolled lead.

  • ‘Our machine cast lead is BBA certified- and has a 60 year guarantee’
  • ‘Our rolled lead sheet has a BS EN certificate- with a 50 year gurantee’
  •  ‘Both machine cast lead and rolled lead sheet for construction are CE marked for roofing and cladding: BSEN 14783

Lead sheet has been popular for hundreds of years because it is such a practical and stylish solution. That isn’t about to change. Architects and designers prize lead for its elegant looks. Even non-lead alternatives are frequently made to resemble lead.

When pre-treated with patination oil, lead will retain its looks over decades – even in the harshest of weather conditions.

machine cast lead

  • Code 1 (0.45mm) – code 8 (3.55mm)
  • Standard lengths: 3m and 6m – we can go to 12m on codes 3, 4 and 5
  • Standard widths: 150mm – 1400mm

Rolled lead

  • Code 3 (1.32mm) – code 8 (3.55mm) – thicker rolled lead sheets up to 9.00mm thick available by special order
  • Standard lengths: 3m and 6m
  • Maximum width: 1370mm

sandcast lead

  • Code 6 (2.65mm) – code 8 (3.55mm)
  • Maximum length: 6.0m
  • Usable width: 1200mm

have you considered using a lead alternative?

Leadax is the first lead substitute in the world that looks like lead, dresses like lead & is as malleable & pliable as lead. Leadax has the same unique properties as Lead & Zinc, without having to compromise on quality, flexibility or price. Leadax is applied in exactly the same way as Lead & is equivalent to code 5.

Leadax is extremely durable and has the same natural look as traditional sheet lead, however, it leaves no staining on roof tiles or masonry. The life expectancy is at least 20 years.

Leadax is available in longer strips. So you can seal larger areas with less overlap, saving you materials and time.

The circular material is recycled PVB. PVB is the foil that is used in laminated glass (e.g. car windows or safety glass).

Leadax comes in lead grey as standard. However the product is also available in black, roof tile red and different colours are available, such as copper.

Leadax has been certified by BBA & KIWA