Roofing Accessories

Choosing the right accessories and parts is just as important as choosing quality materials. At The Roof Doctor our comprehensive range of accessories will assist you to complete your project to the highest standard possible. We are proud to partner with a series of different manufacturers to offer survey and specification support. Get in touch with us via the chat box located in the bottom right corner of the screen for any further questions.

roofing nails

copper nails

Often chosen for their durability copper roof nails are a diverse product and last much longer than other alternatives.

aluminium nails

Aluminium nails have lightweight qualities and due to their softer material, they cause much less damage to saw blades when cut. They are commonly used to attach metal roofs and shingles, however can be used for a wide range of projects.

galvanised steel nails

Galvanised nails are unaffected by corrosion and rust,making them long lasting, low maintenance and durable. These nails go through the galvanisation process which  gives their surface a protective layer to allow for these qualities.

stainless steel & polytop nails

With a wide range of stainless steel nails available from The Roof Doctor, you’re sure to find the right size, length and brand for the job. Stainless steel nails can be used on a variety of projects from installing cladding to working on fascias. 

nail gun nails

Nail guns are really useful for speeding up processes and ensuring accuracy when undertaking roofing, especially when installing shingles on your roof – they make sure the nails are driven in perfectly to ensure the underside of the nail is flush against the surface of the shingle, and can nail much faster than a manual hammer and nail. However, it’s important to make sure you have the correct nails and fuel cells for your nail gun. If you’re unsure what nails you need, get in contact for some guidance. 

sealants & Adhesives

silicone & sealants

General adhesive silicone sealants can be used for a wide range of applications, but we also stock more specifically developed roof sealant and silicone. These include roof and gutter sealant (which can help repair roofs and guttering whilst allowing for natural movement), lead mate sealant (which provides an alternative to mortaring lead flashing into brick), and stone and concrete weathermate sealant which can be applied in all weather conditions to wet surfaces to create a complete adhesive seal. We also stock a range of sealant guns, nozzles and other tools to help with the sealant application.

adhesives & glues

At The Roof Doctor we have a range of adhesives and glues to assist you with your latest project. If you have any questions about which product is best for your project, get in contact with our team and we would be happy to help.

contact adhesives

Contact adhesives create a fast, flexible and reliable bond between materials that won’t be glued with regular adhesives. Non-porous materials that cause even the toughest of standard adhesives to falter can be tackled with contact adhesives. Often drying clear after application with a roller, contact adhesives cover different areas per litre depending on the manufacturer and the recommended coverage. Suitable for use with wood, cork, stone, rubber and rigid PVC to name but a few materials.

expanding foams

Expanding foams are a must have for a range of applications, from stopping draughts coming through small hard-to-reach gaps, to fitting doors and windows without leaving gaps, improving insulation and deadening sounds.

Expanding foam filler works by increasing up to 50 times in size when released from the aerosol can, meaning you can insert some filler foam into the gap that needs filling, and it will completely fill the area. The foam can then often be cut or sanded down to fall into line with the rest of the wall, frame or ceiling, and painted over so that it cannot be seen.

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