Tiles, Decking & Walkways



As an addition to your flat roofing project, here at The Roof Doctor we have a range of tiles to choose from. These can be used to create outdoor social spaces for different uses. Our tile range includes architectural porcelain tiles and GRC promenade tiles. We can also supply pedestals and ballast for your project. 



Here at The Roof Doctor, we work closely with suppliers of decking supplies including , Wallbarn timber deck tiles which can be purchased from The Roof Doctor. With the variety of styles available you are bound to find the right one for your project. We can also supply composite decking options in a many colour and design options. 



DukMat’s excellent linear walkway products help you to create safe, all-weather maintenance access to roofscapes while protecting the membrane underneath and are manufactured in 100% recycled material. Making the an eco-friendly choice.

green & brown roofs

A green roof is a layer of vegetation, waterproofing and drainage elements installed on top of an existing or new roof system.
There are three main types of green and brown roofs: 

  • Extensive (lightweight, low cost and low maintenance) Generally a mono-culture plant   – species (Sedum, Herbs or Grass)
  • Intensive (thicker substrate, load bearing applications) Multi functional and/or a variety of plant species) Or, if requirements are to recreate a wildlife corridor.

Bio-diverse roofing (Brown roofing) Roughly translates as a roof that recreates its surrounding wildlife habitats, to encourage natural flora and fauna.

The Roof Doctor supply products from Wallbarn, that have been specifically designed to make a sedum roof quick and easy to install. For more information about our flat roofing range, get in touch.